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Who we are?

First African Team to represent in the World Championships in Russia, Latvia

Team Gravity Core (PTY) Ltd is a professional Street Workout & Calisthenics sports team and a member of the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation focused on being the intersection of healthy living, social development and supply of world class calisthenics gym equipment. The team was formed by a group of gym enthusiast and professionals, in various sectors such as banking and Insurance with extensive experience in their respective fields.

A unique blend of highly innovative entrepreneurs and corporate executives who effectively combine knowledge gleaned from operational experience translates into a unique G Core value proposition. The team is well recognised globally in the Street workout community. The cofounders have had the opportunity to represent the country in various world competitions. We are confident that our years of training experience coupled with our business acumen, team of industry experts and robust business model framework signal the hallmarks of success for G Core as well as its partners.

Smith Mangena


Most popular exercises are pullups, chinups, pushups, dips, muscle-ups and sit-ups.

Nkululeko Makhaya


Gravity is nothing but a fairytale… Freestyle captures the most extreme and creative elements in the sport. Some say this is the FUN part in the sport. It involves  gravity defying stunts like the human flag, front, back lever, planche, 360 etc

Mtho Hlengwa


Street Workout and Calisthenics is extremlely popular among all age groups. Part of its popularity comes from ability to build a great physique, also promotes healthy living and sociable lifestyle.




Team Gravity Core performs with Casper Nyovest in view of 40 000 people #FillUpOrlandoStadium.

History in the making as the first professional Calisthenics team to perform on stage with no other than Casper Nyovest Hip Hop artist at the #FillUpOrlandoStadium concert. Just over 40 000 people rocked up to witness this special occasion.

We hope to collaborate with many more like minded artists in future.

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